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Shelby WT Color Series Release - WT #1

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In 1968 six special paint colors appeared on Shelbys. They were known by their special "WT" identification code number. The total production number of these special “WT” paint cars was just 159 across all six paint variations. These cars were sold as part of Ford's "Summer Sales Promotion". The “WT” cars were offered on both the GT500KR and GT350 models, and were only avaiable with black or saddle interiors. The rarity of these cars is increased because they could not be ordered from Shelby. To get your hands on one of these cars, your Shelby dealer had to track down the “WT” car you were after throughout the Shelby dealer network.

The first release in this series is based off of the famous Coral Snake car. This is the only “WT” special order paint car to recieve a saddle interior. This color combo easily puts it into one of the most rare cars in the Shelby line up as only 3 cars were made in this combination! The Coral Snake is only one of three factory painted dark orange cars. The car was restored to original specifications and was awarded the 2008 Shelby American Automobile Club Gold Award. It was awarded the 2009 Team Shelby Diamond Award and the 2010 Mustang Club of America Gold Award. The car is internationally recognized as one of the finest examples of a restored 1968 Shelby and was one of the first cars to win the Concours "Triple Crown".

This series will be released throughout the production of our Shelby line up over the next 2-3 years and will include the GT500KR and GT350 models in stunning colors that will surely set your Shelby collection above the rest! Get your pre orders in fast for the whole series!

Features Include: Opening doors, trunk and hood Poseable steering Highly detailed engine Detailed undercarriage Detailed interior Diecast metal body Serialized plate

Future release numbers... A1801806 AI801807 A1801808 A1801809 AI801810

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