Our mission is to offer the best value* possible in accurately detailed die cast models through exhaustive research and development followed by rigidly controlled manufacturing. With this process firmly in place, ACME Trading Co. feels the ultimate goal of satisfying our customer, the collector enthusiast, will be achieved! In order to achieve this goal, the initial phase must be to listen and act on the collector's input. The final measure of success is the collector's response of satisfaction and joy derived from their ACME replica.

It is also our goal to reach out to as many collectors' interests as possible by diversifying subject matter...another function of listening closely to our customers!

*Note: We understand the definition of "value" as follows:

Val-ue (val-yu) n 1: a fair return or equivalent in money, goods, or services for something exchanged. The New Merriam-Webster Dictionary

In other words, value does not mean the most expensive...and we believe service after the sale is just as important as the product itself, an essential ingredient of "the value"!