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Welcome to Tom's Garage 2017! We are very excited to offer you a more value-packed Tom's Garage Key Holder experience than ever! Membership has its privileges!

  • All new Tom's Garage Key with unique serial number.
  • $125 in gift certificates (5 x $25 gift certificates). One certificate can be used per order ($50 minimum) on either in-stock or pre-order models.
  • Exclusive access to Tom's Garage on ACME's website, the gateway to Sneak Peeks!
  • Sneak Peek provides members with behind the scene photos of upcoming releases that have not been made available to the public.
  • Monthly Key Holder drawings posted on Sneak Peeks with winners awarded with models and more...
  • Tom's Garage Key Holder Member Exclusive Models! Low production number models offered to members only!
  • Key Holders can enroll in the awesome 12 Days of Christmas drawing! More giveaways to celebrate the season!

Exclusive models, $125 in savings, monthly drawings, and much more for just $19.95 + shipping.